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Puddle Jumpers Original Overall - Red/Navy

Puddle Jumpers Original Overall - Red/Navy
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Puddle Jumpers Original Overall - Red/Navy

Perfect for daycare, farming, watching big brother, or dad, play rugby or helpiing in the garden, If you are tired of the piles of muddy wet clothes that are inevitable when the weather is not playing the game then Puddle jumpers overalls are just the thing.  They are waterproof to 600mm yet breathable meaning your child or grandchild will remain dry and comfortable whilst getting stuck in.

They are designed to be a roomy fit so there is plenty of wear in them.

  • Nylon Tussah fabric
  • Long extension on the shoulder straps
  • Reinforced at the knees and rear end
  • Inner cuff stops water getting into the gumboots
  • Designed in NZ


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