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Peter Rabbit | Peterkin | Gift Set

Peter Rabbit | Peterkin | Gift Set
Peter Rabbit | Peterkin | Gift Set

These sets are beautifully presented with the matching beanie and mitts in an organza bag with a satin trimmed coathanger.

Classically cute and cosy footed all in one in soft grey marle stripe.  This set is very popular as a "take me home" outift, baby showers and for newborn gift giving.  We carry multiples of each size.

  • Mitts and Beanie
  • Covered Clothes Hanger
  • 220gsm 100%  cotton
  • Machine washable

Size Guide:

SIZE 0000
To Fit: Newborn
Chest: 42cm
Waist: 42cm

SIZE 000
To Fit: 0-3 months
Height: 62cm
Chest: 44cm
Waist: 44cm

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